Britney Spears' $20,000 Bra Features Zips, Crystals And A Removable Tassel

24/04/2012 11:04 | Updated 22 May 2015

Picture the scene: You're Britney Spears about to film a promotional music video for Twister Dance and you're in need of a bit of chest support - what do you wear?

You slip into a $20,000 tasseled, zip-up, jewel-encrusted, French silk sports bra. Obviously.

Britney Spears' $20,000 bra features zips, crystals and a removable tasselBritney/Twister Dance

The Eternal Love racerback bra is a collaboration between the Body Rock sports range by Kelly Dooley and jewelry company Knight&Hammer and features:

• An 18K gold zip

• An 18K gold removable tassel with diamond skull eyes and hand-cut Swarovski crystal hearts

• Silver diamond Swarovski crystal embellishments

• Gold pyramid studs

• Black and silver threaded French silk over a nylon lining

According to the product description Britney should be experiencing "an armor that will make your girls always look fabulous & the boy's blinded by desire [sic]".

Britters was filming a routine to accompany a special remixed version of Till the World Ends so surely the French silk will be covered in sweat patches?

Well, perhaps not - in an interview with Fashionista the bra's creator Kelly Dooley reveals she was also commissioned to create a second bra for Britney's "dance double".


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