Geoff Shreeves Breaks Chelsea Defender Branislav Ivanovic's Heart And Becomes Twitter Sensation (VIDEO)

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"Are you the grim reaper?" |

Chelsea defied the odds to come from 2-0 down with 10 men to vanquish Barcelona and reach the Champions League final. The elation was palpable from the 3,000 supporters in the Camp Nou's highest tier, to down on the pitch as Roberto di Matteo ecstatically celebrated with his players.

But amidst the joy, there was a party pooper to make some Blues feel blue. Four of the Chelsea starting XI on the night were carded, ensuring they would miss the final. But it was unclear if Branislav Ivanovic would be missing out after some confusion after a yellow was branded after Didier Drogba conceded a penalty. So Sky Sports' Geoff Shreeves was intent on getting answers:

"Were you booked after the penalty?" he asked the Serb.

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"Yeah I was," replied Ivanovic.

"You know that means you're out of the final now?"

*Mild confusion/lost in translation*

"Er... yeah," Ivanovic eventually said.

"Unfortunately it means you don't play in the final."

*Ivanovic looks sad, smiles ruefully*


So soon after Gary Neville's Alan Partridge-esque hollering, Shreeves had complemented the co-commentator with an Alan-the-interviewer effort. Sky, often reviled for the smallest of things, had redeemed themselves via mockumentary comedy come to life.

Ivanovic resembled the forlorn expression of Nigel Tufnel in This is Spinal Tap, or a flummoxed David Brent. Shreeves meanwhile had done a marvellous effort in mimicking Larry David's frankness with some Partridge Britishness sprinkled on top.

And so inevitably, the watching nation took to Twitter, where "Geoff Shreeves" was trending. The jokes were being delivered at a machine gun rate, so it would be negligent not to publish the best of the Twittersphere's Shreevesisms:

Lee Westwood got in on the act:

Lee Westwood
Geoff Shreeves has just been on the phone telling me I've never won a major!

Shreeves wryly retorted with a dig at ex-cricketer Michael Vaughan covering the Masters:

Geoff Shreeves
I think that is your mate territory to take a major off someone?


John Brewin
Meanwhile, in a well-appointed Portuguese villa, AVB is yet to get off his haunches. On the table, his mobile shakes. It's Geoff Shreeves...


Dale Johnson
What does Geoff Shreeves do at Christmas? Tell kids Santa doesn't exist?

Shaun Wright-Phillips:

Shreeves: "We've got Shaun Wright-Phillips here. Shaun, great goal today. What does it feel like to be adopted?"


Gareth Bale (NOT!)
Geoff Shreeves is in the Barcelona dressing room informing each player individually that they won't be playing in the final.

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