Woman Dances To Adele's 'Someone Like You'... On Butter (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 25/04/2012 11:40 Updated: 25/04/2012 11:40

Behold, above, what is bound to become known as 'The Adele Butter Dance'.

It's a woman. Dancing on butter. To Adele's Someone Like You.

Is it serious interpretive dance? Is it a hilarious spoof of serious interpretive dance? Well, actually - it's a combination of both. Because it's this serious interpretive dance video with the music changed.

And if you need a reminder that Adele herself is as funny as hell - well, just check out our collection of 10 of her most amusing moments below:

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  • Accepting A Grammy

    In which Adele acknowledges her "rubbish relationship" - and draws attention to her snot.

  • On 'The Jonathan Ross Show'

    In which our heroine regales us with a story of a 60-year-old fan at one of her shows, and slags off her ex... again. Hoorah!

  • Answering Five Questions

    In which she prefaces her responses with a message about her new album: "Don't buy it if you don't like it. Don't feel forced to."

  • On Being Discovered

    In which she describes the "pervert" who signed her.

  • After The Grammys, 2009

    In which she explains how "Spanx are a bit annoying after a while".

  • On 'The Graham Norton Show'

    In which she explains why she projectile vomits in people's faces - normally due to the nerves of playing "a small arena".

  • On Her New-Found Career

    In which she talks about the music industry being two-faced. And the Osbournes.

  • Having 'Happy Birthday' Sung To Her

    In which Jools Holland leads his studio audience in a birthday song, and Adele reminds her pianist that it's live.

  • On A US Daytime Show

    In which Adele explains her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. "We're not friends. That's why we're not together any more."

  • More Funny Moments

    In which there are clips from many of the preceding videos - and more.