Jermain Defoe 'Cheats' On Alexandra Burke

27/04/2012 08:15

Alexandra Burke is set for a shock after a kiss-and-tell girl claimed to have slept with her footballer boyfriend Jermain Defoe behind her back.

The singer is sure to be left heartbroken by revelations the footy ace allegedly enjoyed a romp with 23-year-old model Laura Brown at a hotel in Newcastle after meeting her on a social networking website.

However, Defoe is said to have been in constant contact with nursing assistant/part-time model Laura on Facebook. She claims they had met twice before they slept together on their third meeting.

Laura reveals, "He texted me and said. 'I'm in your home town.' He told me he wanted to see me and messaged his room number.

We chatted for a while then started cuddling and talked about watching a film. But as we lay on the bed he started rubbing his hands on me and we ended up having sex. The next day I felt dreadful about it. I'd asked him about Alexandra Burke and he told me it was 'early days'. It now appears that they really are an item. I was shocked when I saw pictures of them together in the paper this week. And Alexandra has apparently said she is in love. I am very upset."

Laura claims she contact with Jermain for a brief period, but started to 'talk' online again recently.


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