Susan Boyle Left 'Terrified' By Fan Break In

27/04/2012 12:02

Susan Boyle has been left "terrified and shaken" after a fan attempted to break into her hotel room this week.

The singing superstar was staying at Liverpool's Hope Street Hotel when the man followed Susan to her room, evading her security team before running to her door just as she went inside.

The dramatic incident comes just weeks after her former gardener turned up drunk at her house and demanded money, and in 2010, she discovered a teenage intruder at her Scottish home.

The source adds: "The attention she was getting from fans was a bit much, especially given what happened at her home recently. The last thing she needed was someone trying to get into her room.

"She loves performing but sometimes the reaction of fans is really intense. Her nerves were already frayed and she shouldn't have to worry about people hounding her at her hotel. She wanted to get as far away from the drama as possible and recharge her batteries."

She had earlier performed at the city's Empire Theatre.


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