Sherlock Holmes Returns To Invoke 'A Stream Of Swear Words' From An Irate Dr Watson, Hints Mark Gatiss

04/05/2012 11:02

Sherlock fans have been given another little hint into the relationship between the esoteric sleuth and his more worldly sidekick Dr Watson, courtesy of the series co-creator Mark Gatiss.

Holmes, played so assuredly by Benedict Cumberbatch, appeared to be fatally outsmarted by his nemesis Moriarty, and had to jump from the top of a London building, to avoid communal doom for many others.

Holmes' return follows the original Conan Doyle narrative, where the peerless detective reappeared after plunging into the Eisenbach Falls, again with Moriarty in the mix. But the books showed Dr Watson's reaction to his friends re-arrival to be a dead faint.

According to The Sun, Gatiss thinks this is "unlikely - as opposed to possibly a stream of terrible swear words".

Gatiss also plays Holmes brother Mycroft in the series, which has proved an enduring hit since its contemporary inception two years ago, and has made tons of cash for the BBC with worldwide sales, as well as igniting fresh interest in the books.

The second series at the beginning of the year was also marked for Lara Pulver's saucy outfits (or lack thereof), playing Holmes' tantalising love interest Irene Adler - "The Woman".

Holmes and Watson in action...

Sherlock episode 2
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