The Voice: Toni Plans To Keep Still While Singing, Bo Bruce Reveals Bosses Keeping Danny O'Donoghue Away

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The Voice's aristocratic contestant Bo Bruce, 27, said that her Irish coach Danny O'Donoghue "goes out of his way" to support his contestants - but hinted the star's time was limited because bosses on the show wanted to keep things fair.

Last week, it emerged that Sir Tom Jones' team had almost twice as much rehearsal time with their coach before Saturday night's live show than jetsetting Black Eyed Peas star's team.

"They've got to hold it back so that everyone's having a fair amount of contact," she said.

"Danny goes out of his way to make sure that each and every one of us is alright and if one of us is having a wobble he knocks down the door to talk about it."

Bruce added: "If Will's away out of the country, then we aren't seeing Danny, they're keeping it as fair as they can."

Meanwhile, fellow Voice hopeful Toni Warne has laughed off her anguished expressions as she performs - and said she pulls "really scary faces".

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The 34-year-old former Opportunity Knocks winner is set to belt out Tina Turner's Proud Mary on tonight's live heat of the BBC1 talent search - and said she will not be adding any dance moves.

"Dancing's not really my field. I tend to leave dancing alone. And apparently I pull really scary faces as I strut about," she said.

Former child star Warne, who is being coached by chart-topper Jessie J, lost all her hair at 21 as a result of alopecia and has struggled with her confidence as a result.

This week's contestants in action...

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  • Ruth-Ann St Luce (Team Jessie) - Promise This

  • Max Milner (Team Danny) - Freefallin', by Tom Petty, NOT John Mayer (whatever it may say in Google)

  • Toni Warne (Team Jessie) - belted out Tina Turner's <em>Proud Mary</em>

  • Hannah Berney (Team Danny) - Cry Me A River

  • Vince Kidd (Team Jessie) - Always On My Mind

  • David Julien (Team Danny) - Sweet Disposition

  • Cassius Henry (Team Jessie) - Paradise

  • Aleks Josh (Team Danny) - Dream A Little Dream

  • Becky Hill (Team Jessie) - Good Luck

  • Bo Bruce (Team Danny) - Running Up That Hill


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