'The Campaign' Trailer: Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis' Political Comedy Gets Full-Length Teaser (VIDEO)

Huffington Post UK  |  By Posted: 14/05/2012 10:35 Updated: 14/05/2012 10:46

Putting Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's ongoing argument about who should live in the White House next year to one side for a moment, 2012's biggest election battle - in the world of comedy, at least - is The Campaign.

Directed by Meet The Parents' Jay Roach and starring US comedy stalwarts Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, it sees two men from North Carolina fighting tooth and nail to win their congressional district and sit in the United States House of Representatives.

Ferrell's character is, would you believe it, an arrogant buffoon; Galifianakis' role consisting of, would you believe it, putting on an effeminate voice and sporting some generous facial hair.

Previous clips we've seen from this movie were essentially mocked up campaign videos / attack ads for each character, but didn't quite have the comedy punch that the proper trailer above manages to deliver. Take a look at it below and let us know what you think - and remember, The Campaign is out September 28.

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