LG To Unveil iPhone-Beating 1080p Five-inch Display

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How good does a phone display have to be?

Apple says so good you 'can't see the pixels'. Now LG says it might have to be quite a bit better than that.

The Korean company has announced that it will soon introduce a frankly excessive five inch HD panel with the highest resolution ever seen on a mobile device. The screen will feature a full 1080p (1920x1080) resolution, putting it at 440 pixels per inch (ppi).

That's higher than Apple's 'Retina Display' used in current iPhones (326ppi) and the new iPad (264ppi).

"As smartphones become increasingly valued for how well they do multimedia and with the rapid growth of LTE enabling faster large file transfers, our new 5" Full HD LCD panel is certain to prove a significant asset to the mobile market," said Sang-Deok Yeo, CTO and Executive Vice President of LG Display.

The panel isn't out yet, and won't be seen on soon until SID Display Week on 4 June in Boston.

Look for it to appear on phones with bafflingly good screens relatively soon after that...

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