European Championship 2012: The Dos And Don'ts For England Fans Visiting Ukraine

05/06/2012 12:44 BST | Updated 05/08/2012 10:12 BST

The travelling England football fans have experienced destinations as diverse as Qatar, South Africa and Kazakhstan in recent years.

Visiting Ukraine will also present a number of cultural hurdles to overcome.

Here is a brief guide to etiquette in the eastern European country:

Don't make a fist with your thumb in between your middle and index finger. This is an obscene gesture.

Do down a small glass of vodka during a toast. Sipping is an insult.

Don't be offended if a person asks how much you earn. This used to be a common inquiry, but has become less frequent.

Do bring a gift if you are invited into a Ukrainian household. Flowers are acceptable, but avoid yellow ones.

Don't shake hands over a threshold, as it is considered bad luck.

Do take your shoes off.

Don't refuse a plate of food, as it is rude.

Do leave a tip if you receive good service. 10% of the bill is normal.

Don't wear shorts or a T-shirt if visiting a church.

Do behave conservatively in public places.