Beyonce And Jay-Z Get Their Groove On At Coldplay Gig (VIDEO)

12/06/2012 15:11

Beyonce and Jay-Z are besties with Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow so it's little surprise they were front row guests at Coldplay's Manchester gig on Sunday night.

And by the looks of it they had a right good old time, as a sneaky concert-goer managed to capture Beyonce throwing down some serious shapes as the band launched into a rendition of their hit Fix You.

While Jay was happy to stand there and nod his head and tap his foot appreciatively, Bey started swinging her wild mane and moshing out - but her head banging would probably have been more at home at a Black Sabbath gig, rather than a Coldplay one.

Plus she'll do herself a mischief if she carries on like that.



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