Ever wondered what some of your favourite celebs would look like if they piled on a few extra pounds? Well wonder no more dear readers... because their larger doppelgängers are already at large (ahem) in celebville...

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  • Separated At Girth - Emma Bunton/Judy Finnigan

    Emma Bunton/Judy Finnigan<br> Emma Bunton seems to share her hairstyle, eyes, nose and mouth with Judy Finnigan - but luckily for the ex-Spice Girl, she doesn't share her weight! Or her husband. (credit: Rex Features)

  • Separated At Girth - Cheryl Cole/Nigella Lawson

    Cheryl Cole/Nigella Lawson<br> The Geordie beauty is very much a career-driven - but what would happen if she packed it all in, stayed home and baked all day? Well, she might end up a little bit like kitchen queen Nigella - particularly if she kept licking the spoon... (credit: Getty/WireImage)

  • Separated At Girth - Fergie/Kirstie Alley

    Fergie/Kirstie Alley<br> Black Eyed Peas star Fergie keeps trim with her energetic live performances, but what if the group split up? She could quickly find herself resembling notorious yo-yo dieter Kirstie Alley...(credit: Rex Features)

  • Separated At Girth - George Clooney/Eamonn Holmes

    George Clooney/Eamonn Holmes<br> Gorgesous George is a prime example of a man who has aged well. But if he lets his standards slip, he may well begin to resemble chubby TV presenter Eamonn Holmes. Not that we imagine he's head of the Irishman. (credit: Rex Features)

  • Separated At Girth - Geri Halliwell/Vanessa Feltz

    Geri Halliwell/Vanessa Feltz<br> She might not be rolling around in pop videos any more, but Ginger Spice works hard to keep herself fit. Perhaps she met tubby chatter Vanessa and got a glimpse of what might happen otherwise... (credit: AP/WireImage)

  • Separated At Girth - Jessie J/Dawn French

    Jessie J/Dawn French<br> It looks like these two have already swapped hairdressers, but celeb newbie Jessie J will probably hope the similarities with Dawn French stop there. The national treasure and self-confessed 'fatty' is an excellent role model for anyone in the public eye - except in matters of dieting. (credit: FilmMagic/BigPictures)

  • Separated At Girth - Katie Holmes/Rosie O'Donnell

    Katie Holmes/Rosie O'Donnell<br> Katie Holmes still looks like Joey, the teenager she played in Dawson's Creek. She ought to enjoy it while it lasts, because when the dreaded middle-age spread hits her, she'll look more like American comedian Rosie O'Donnell. (credit: X17Online/FilmMagic)

  • Separated At Girth - Kym Marsh/Mary Byrne

    Kym Marsh/Mary Byrne<br> Everyone loved X Factor hopeful Mary Bryne during the show, but did many of us really see her as a sex-symbol? Well, seeing how much she resembles Kym Marsh might convince her otherwise! (credit: WireImage/bauergriffinonlinecom)

  • Separated At Girth - Matt Cardle/Johnny Vegas

    Matt Cardle/Johnny Vegas<br> All through The X Factor we knew hunch-shouldered moaner Matt Cardle resembled someone... then it hit us. He's none other than funny fat man Johnny Vegas! To be fair, Johnny's trimmed down of late, but Matt better watch how many free meals he scoffs now he's a fully-fledged pop star... (credit: AP/WireImage)

  • Separated At Girth - Neve Campbell/Kirsty Allsop

    Neve Campbell/Kirsty Allsop<br> Actress Neve Campbell might Scream out loud if she sees this gallery - but there's no denying she bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain house-obsessed TV star from across the Atlantic. (credit: bauergriffinonlinecom/BigPictures)