Toddler Takes His First Sip Of (Root) Beer - And Goes Bonkers!

14/06/2012 14:05 | Updated 22 May 2015
Start 'em young, seems to be the moral of this hilarious YouTube video, which has been viewed by more than half a million mirth-seekers.

Little Noah takes a sip of beer – and goes bonkers! I seem to remember having a similar reaction the first time I had a drop of the good stuff.

But don't call the Killjoy Police just yet. Noah's tipple of choice isn't alcoholic beer, but beer of the root variety: a fizzy drink much loved by the sweet-toothed masses in the States.

In the 47-second video, the strawberry-blonde tot is seen bursting with delight, his little hands raised above his head, as he takes his very first sip of root beer through a straw.

Some YouTube users who commented on the video said they had the same reaction when they first tried root beer.

"It was heaven when I first tasted it,' Taj2coolIsBack wrote.

Others, however, were less charitable, criticising Noah's parents for introducing him to the fizzy, sugary drink."ONWARD TO OBESITY!" one user said.

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