Twitter Jokes Of The Week - Week 24 (Of 52)

15/06/2012 15:36 | Updated 22 June 2012

So, that was the week that was. Euro 2012 kicked off, the plans for the London Olympics opening ceremony were unveiled and David Cameron appeared before the Leveson Inquiry.

In an attempt to distract us all from this last event, it was also the week it was revealed that Cameron once left his daughter behind in a pub - although this wasn't as shocking as the follow-up revelation: that in May 2010, Nick Clegg left his principles behind in a pub. Although we may be making that last bit up.

We've rounded up some of our favourite funny tweets about all of the above and much, much more (bees, cucumbers and Spider-Man outfits, for example) in this week's collection. Enjoy! And if you want even more laughs, why not check out this week's tweets from Here's why.

Twitter Jokes Of The Week
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