When you're a little 'un, your parents are totally in charge. You may scream, you may wail, you may cry and cry and cry, but they are the bosses, and there's not much you can do about it.

Witness this poor Israeli baby, as discovered by Jewish entertainment blog 6DegreesNoBacon, who ends up turning up to his own bris - also known as the circumcision ceremony Brit Milah - in a remote control sportscar that doubles as a crib.

Wiggling left and right, round and round as indoor fireworks jet into the air and a dummer thumps away behind him, it's really quite bizarre - one can only wonder what his Bar Mitzvah is going to be like in just a few years time...

(And a tip of the cap to Greg Jenner and Sophie Kaye for pointing us in the direction of this particular piece of online wonderment)

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