The Step That Trips Everyone Up (VIDEO)

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"The subway station I use every day has something very peculiar about it," begins New Yorker Dean Peterson's video. "One of the stairs is a fraction of an inch higher than all the others."

The result? Everyone - but everyone - trips up on it.

So Peterson made a little video showing everyone doing exactly that.

The subway station in question is Sunset Park in Brooklyn - and you can watch Peterson's delightful little piece of real-life slapstick above.

Sadly - or rather not, for its users - the comedy step is now in the process of being repaired. As soon as the video went viral, reporters began calling New York's MTA - and as a result, they've reportedly blocked off the staircase in preparation for repairs. Who needs Esther Rantzen's That's Life when you've got Vimeo, eh?

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