Michelle Heaton Locks Baby Faith In Her Car...And Firemen Come To Her Rescue!

12/07/2012 16:30 | Updated 22 May 2015

Michelle Heaton locks baby Faith in her car...and firemen come to her rescue!

Michelle Heaton/Twitter

By David Cameron's standards, baby Faith got off lightly when her mum, Michelle Heaton accidentally locked her in her car!

The reality TV star took to Twitter to relive her Mum Fail, showing off pics of her rescue team who came to six-month-old Faith's aid outside their family home, after Michelle accidentally locked her daughter and her keys inside her car.

"Just has the worst hour of my life. I locked faith , my keys & my phone in the car. Somehow the car locked when I shut the door," tweeted the panicked mum.

"Thank you to my next door neighbour who called the Hertfordshire fire brigade. They were so, so amazing. They really did save the day. We thought we would have to break the window.

Michelle Heaton locks baby Faith in her car...and firemen come to her rescue!Michelle Heaton/Twitter
"But that would have frightened an already upset Faith...but with perseverance and amazing skills, these fine men somehow used wood & a cost hanger to press the jets to unlock the car. I can't thank Hertfordshire fire brigade enough. Me & Faith owe you #britishfiremenrule."

At least you're in good company, Michelle. Even Posh admits to the odd Mum Fail - she once left son Brooklyn behind on the school run...

So go on, 'fess up, what's your Parent Fail moment of madness?


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