World's Tiniest Girl Will Never Grow Any Bigger - But She Isn't Letting Her Size Slow Her Down

18/07/2012 11:44 | Updated 22 May 2015
World's 'tiniest girl' will never grow any bigger - but she isn't letting her size slow her downBarcroft
Liang Xiaoxiaois is the world's tiniest girl.

The three-year-old from China was born weighing 2.3lbs. and she was just 33 cm long.

Three years on and and she weighs just 5.5lbs and had grown just 19cm since her birth to 54cm. She is believed to be the world's tiniest girl

Doctors in Huaihua, China, believe that a genetic mutation has stopped the youngster from getting any bigger.

Liang doesn't let her size stop her playing with friends and having a giggle. She plays with other toddlers and enjoys kicking a football, while her proud mum watches on.

This picture shows her taking a break from playing with other kids at the Children's Hospital of Hunan Province in Changsha, China.

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