27/07/2012 19:00 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Eek! Cult Kiddies' Favourite Rastamouse To Release A Second Album

Eek! Cult kiddies' favourite Rastamouse to release a second album EMI

Hot on the paws of his first musical success, cult kiddies' TV star Rastamouse is set to release his second studio album.

In the past, the reggae reggae rodent has been accused of being nothing more than a racial stereotype, but that hasn't dented the Cbeebies' star's soar to stardom.

His debut album, Makin' A Bad Ting Good, was released last year and made such an impact that Rastamouse and his band Da Easy Crew have this week signed a deal with EMI to release another.

Rastamouse said (no, honest, he did): "We had a blast puttin' togedda dem songs fe dat first album an' our fans dem been givin' us some amazin' feedback! Mi bare excited dat mi friends at EMI want to hear plenty more choons an' it gonna be a lot ah fun gettin' into da groove.

Eek! Cult kiddies' favourite Rastamouse to release a second album EMI

"If ya wonderin' if it gonna be a difficult second album, mi can tell ya fi sure dat dere's already some bangin' riddims echoin' round Nuff Song Studio."

Translation: "I'm dead chuffed to be releasing another album. Innit!"

Da Easy Crew's latest single Run Wid' Me (featuring Bagga T and Missy D) is out now, available on iTunes.

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