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Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slices Vegetables With Playing Cards (VIDEO)

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No kitchen knife? No problem! As you'll see, if you watch the video above, a savvy Chinese man has found an alternative method of slicing vegetables - by lobbing playing cards at them from a short distance instead.

What an ace idea! (Ace! Geddit? Because they're playing cards? Oh, never mind...)

Anyway, the 48-year-old is trying to break the world record for slicing cucumbers with playing cards. In case you were wondering, his target is to slice 18 (count 'em - 18!) in 60 seconds by the end of the year. Well, you've got to have a goal in life, haven't you?

Incidentally, we can't help feeling a bit sorry for the female onlooker in this video. We can kind of imagine her saying, "Give it a rest now, Colin - let's just go to bed!"

Now check out our video slideshow of more amazing world record attempts...

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