After the shiny extravaganza that was London 2012 - complete with fireworks and the heaviest medals yet - it's hard to believe that the last time the city hosted the games it was a bombsite, recovering from World War II.

This was the 1948 Olympics, where competitors were housed in army barracks, made their own uniforms and were fuelled on rations.

Photographer Katherine Green has decided, we think quite rightly, to track down these incredible athletes and see where they are now; and how, in the year London hosts the games for a third time, things have changed.

1948 olympians Dorothy Tyler, 92, took a silver medal in the 1948 Olympics for High Jump

Green found 16 of 1948's Team GB to photograph in their own homes for her crowd-sourced Unbound book, many of which are shot with pictures of themselves participating in the games more than 60 years ago.

They have some fascinating stories, and we've got some of their audio here for you, as well as some of Green's photographs in the gallery below.

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  • Gordon Thomas, (b. 1921), Shipley, 2012 Cyclist Gordon won silver medal for the team road race, went on to become professional. He won the Tour of Britain in 1953.

  • Dorothy Tyler (b. 1920), Surrey, 2008 High Jump (silver medal winner) Copyright Katherine Green Competed in three Olympic Games winning silver in Berlin in 1936. Dorothy was a driver for the army during the war. She still plays golf competitively

  • Donald Scott (b. 1928), Derby, 2007 Middleweight Boxer (silver medal winner) Copyright Katherine Green A Corporal physical training instructor in the Royal Military Police, Don turned professional in 1950

  • Tommy Godwin (b. 1920), Solihull, 2008 Cyclist (double Bronze medal winner) Copyright Katherine Green Tommy began cycling as an errand boy, he went on to become a cycling coach, trainer and to run a cycling shop

  • Jimmy McColl (b. 1924), Edinburgh, 2012 Footballer Copyright Katherine Green Jimmy turned pro after the Games, playing for Queen of the South

  • John & Dorothy Parlett (b. 1925 & 1927), Essex, 2007 Runners Copyright Katherine Green Dorothy, nicknamed 'the secretary from Essex' won silver in the 100m, coming second to Fanny Blankers-Koen, John worked as a graphic designer

  • John Peake (b. 1924), Peterborough, 2012 Hockey (silver medal) Copyright Katherine Green A Cambridge graduate and Engineer

  • Edwin Bowey (b. 1924), London, 2011 Freestyle Wrestler Copyright Katherine Green Sport gave Edwin a taste for discovery, he later lived in New Zealand, became a lumberjack there, then a gardener back in London as well as following a life long interest in Yoga

  • Cathie Gibson (b. 1931), Dunfirmline, 2008 Swimmer (bronze medal winner) Copyright Katherine Green At one stage Cathie held 29 British records, and was so well known, Madame Tussauds had a dummy made of her

  • Dame Mary Glen Haig (b. 1918), London, 2007 Fencer Copyright Katherine Green Competed in four Olympic Games, she was the first female member of the International Olympic Committee at the same time as working as an executive in London's largest hospitals