23/08/2012 11:02 BST

TRAVEL: Third Of Travellers Can't Locate Holiday Destination On Map (POLL)

While it's common to focus on a holiday resort's amenities, rather than its exact line of latitude when planning a trip, a new survey suggests travellers have completely lost their bearings.

More than 13m people are heading abroad in July and August and according to a new study, a third (34%) don't actually have a clue where their resort is on a map.

In the same survey, travel website, found that 66% of Brits think that Cancun is in the US (not Mexico), 52% reported that Prague was in Sweden and a 48% don't know that the Alps are in Europe...

holiday makers map

An estimated 4.5m people can't locate their holiday resort on a map

Almost half also think that the Three Valleys are in Austria and half couldn't name the countries that Marrakech, Frankfurt and Milan belong to (38% stated that Marrakech was in Dubai).

And when it comes to languages we're not much better. Over half (52%) couldn't name the first language of Amsterdam and 56% think that German is the native language in Brussels.

Similarly, 71% couldn't name all countries whose currency is now the Euro.'s online marketing manager Calum Macdonald says: "It's so easy to jet off to new and exciting places now that we often take it for granted where we're going and don't actually look at a map.

"Our new website features travel guides and Google maps on top holiday spots so hopefully our customers will actually know where they are going before booking a holiday in future!"

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