Daybreak viewers woke up to two new smiley hosts this morning, as Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones took over presenting duties.

Jones said he had set four alarms and checked them every hour throughout the night before his debut, while Kelly joked it felt like going back to school.


And it wasn't just the presenters who were different on this morning's show; the set had also been given a revamp.

The citrus-coloured set looked like a throwback to Dabyreak's predecessor GMTV's orange hues.

One viewer tweeted:

Gabby Evans
Rather liking the new daybreak, only because it looks like gmtv :)

However, not all of the online reactions were positive. One unhappy viewer said:

Oli Graham
Honestly didn't think could get any worse but apparently I was wrong, just let it die ITV.

And another posted:

Lucy Elliott-Hunt
Not liking the new look bring back Dan Lobb and Kate Garraway

For Jones, who became a child star in the 1980s when his version of The Snowman song Walking in the Air became a hit and who now presents Songs of Praise, along with Good Morning Sunday, Cash in the Attic and Escape to the Country, this his most high-profile presenting job yet.

lorraine kelly
Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones before they went on air

Kelly, on the other hand, has long been associated with the ITV's daytime TV. She will go on air at 7am each weekday except Fridays, presenting Daybreak until 8.30am, then switch to her usual Lorraine show.

The pair have been brought in to replace interim hosts Kate Garraway and Dan Lobb, who have been fronting Daybreak since the departure of former presenters Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley in 2011.

Kelly recently told The Sun: "We’re going back to basics. It’s all about giving people the main news and showbiz of the day.

“We’re bringing some of the fun back, not fun resulting from silly stunts, it’s having a sense of humour. But you don’t want to change everything.”

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