EE: Everything Everywhere's New Network Issues Pronunciation Advice

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The UK's largest network operator has just been unveiled -- but no one knows how to pronounce it.

EE is the new name for T-Mobile and Orange operators Everything, Everywhere, as well as their 4G LTE network and fibre broadband,

But how do you say it? No one seems to know. And while we were thoroughly informed earlier today about the brand's inspirations, visions and motivations, a pronunciation guide was not forthcoming.

Louise Binns
not hard enough... How to pronounce? Eee yee? Is it UK only? (uh uh, eh eh, elsewhere if not...)

Now EE have unveiled an official guide to saying their own name to help you out.

A guide to pronouncing for - We won't make a scene if you get it wrong

It's... E (pause) E.

UPDATE: They have also produced an audio version.

So, now you know.

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