Tom Daley Snuggles Up To Kylie And Hangs Out With One Direction At James Corden's Wedding (PICS)

18/09/2012 15:06

It looks like Cheryl Cole's got a little bit of competition on her hands in the affections of Tom Daley - look who's cuddling up to the Olympic diver now - only Kylie blinkin' Minogue!

kylie tom daley

Kylie got up close and personal with Tom at James Corden's wedding this weekend and the bronze medalist didn't waste any time in sharing the snap of the pop princess chewing his tie (as you do) on Twitter.

Tom Daley at James Corden's Wedding

And Kyles wasn't the only Aussie popstrel getting in on some photo action with the Olympic golden boy - Natalie Imbruglia also snuggled up for a snap as did Brit actor Russell Tovey.

tom daley

And if (god forbid) anyone 'does a Geri' and quits One Direction anytime soon, then they need look no further than Tom to fill the gap. We have no idea if he can hold a tune or not (not that that's ever stood in the way of being in a successful boyband?) but he's certainly got the teeth/hair/body for it and, after seeing these pics of him with the 1D boys, we reckon he's the perfect fit.

The campaign to get him instated as the sixth member starts here. Who's with us?

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