Everybody's familiar with the big literary names that line bookshelves in homes and libraries: Hemingway, Woolf, Fitzgerald.

Some may even be familiar with their iconic images which grace their novels' back covers.

However, not unsurprisingly, these people who contributed so much to literature were once tiny little babies, or precocious children, or awkward teenagers, just like the rest of us. And, just like the rest of us, they've been captured in embarrassing photographs along the way.

So we've performed the brave duty of digging out those photos of our youthful literary heroes, and tasking you with the challenge of trying to guess who those little people turned into.

It's ok, we tell you on the next slide - but see how many you can guess from our clues!

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  • This little person looks like she's on the seaside. If so, she should be careful going swimming lest she find herself Under the Net - the name of her first novel. IMAGE via <a href="http://www.openroadmedia.com/blog/2011-04-04/Archival-Photo-of-the-Week-Iris-Murdoch.aspx">The Open Road Blog</a>

  • Iris Murdoch

    Yep, it's Iris Murdoch! IMAGE: Getty

  • This little chap looks fairly fed up. Perhaps he was dreaming of the Brave New World ahead of him... IMAGE <a href="http://tittin.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8341c07f353ef01156f170ce8970c-800wi" target="_hplink">via tittin.typepad.com</a>

  • Aldous Huxley

    Hurrah! It's Aldous Huxley IMAGE: PA

  • This boy may have been the same size as Pip in this picture, but he probably had <em>Great Expectations</em> of what was ahead of him... IMAGE <a href="http://kingdomoftots.blogspot.co.uk/" target="_hplink">via kingdomoftots.blogspot.co.uk/</a>

  • Charles Dickens

    Here's the great Victorian with slightly more facial hair. IMAGE: WIkipedia

  • This kid looks determined. We reckon he wants to take over the jungle, perhaps to write a book about it. IMAGE <a href="http://theesotericcuriosa.blogspot.co.uk/2010/11/imperial-scribe-of-british-empire.html" target="_hplink">via heesotericcuriosa.blogspot.co.uk</a>

  • Rudyard Kipling

    It's Rudyard Kipling! IMAGE: PA

  • Wow, this is quite a pose. Perhaps he's preparing for a Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man? IMAGE via Wikipedia

  • James Joyce

    Yes indeed, that little sailor turned into James Joyce! IMAGE: PA

  • Gosh, these girls seem to be playing up Between The Acts. IMAGE <a href="http://sexualityinart.wordpress.com/2007/08/18/sisters-virginia-woolf-vanessa-bell-pens-brushes-presses-and-minds-of-their-own/" target="_hplink">via sexualityinart.wordpress.com</a>

  • Virginia Woolf

    It's Virginia Woolf! The last picture showed her playing with her sister, Vanessa Bell. IMAGE: PA

  • This little girl grew up to write all sorts of books about other children, but we're betting she wasn't a Suitcase Kid. IMAGE: Penguin Books

  • Jacqueline Wilson

    That's right, it was a younger Jacqueline Wilson - we can see the resemblance! IMAGE: PA

  • OK, so we know it's tough to tell from this baby, but this writer did once write about a baby - and in only six words... IMAGE via Wikipedia

  • Ernest Hemingway

    It's Hemingway! Looking possibly even bonnier as an adult... IMAGE: PA

  • This little girl hinted to her bright red hair in her debut novel, <em>Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit</em> IMAGE: <a href="http://www.inthesetimes.com/article/12861/a_childhood_exorcised/">In These Times</a>

  • Jeanette Winterson

    It's Jeanette Winterson! Although she's traded in her ginger locks... IMAGE: PA

  • This tween is looking all-American, although judging by the future poetry collection she was to publish, we think she could also have dressed up as Ariel. IMAGE <a href="http://www.nanogirl.com/images/sylvia.jpg http://www.nanogirl.com/images/sylvia.jpg http://www.nanogirl.com/images/sylvia.jpg" target="_hplink">nanogirl.com</a>

  • Sylvia Plath

    Here Plath is all grown up - the smile's the same though. IMAGE: PA

  • When this author's yearbook photo was brought out, we reckon she must have been somebody's <em>Beloved.</em>.. IMAGE: <a href="http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/entry.php?rec=1739">ohiohistorycentral.org</a>

  • Toni Morrison

    And here Toni Morrison is under her pseudonym! IMAGE: PA

  • Here a future female author is with her brothers and sisters - she's the one in the moustache, but we think they may have had garden parties as well as fancy dress ones. IMAGE <a href="http://modernistwomen.tumblr.com/post/972185655/katherine-mansfield-childhood-photo-of" target="_hplink">via modernistwomen.tumblr.com</a>

  • Katherine Mansfield

    Yes, it's Katherine Mansfield - missing the moustache though! IMAGE: Wikipedia

  • Unlike the protagonist of her incredibly famous books, this lady author wasn't an only child - and her mum wasn't murdered by a wizard... IMAGE <a href="http://www.jkrowling.com/en_GB/" target="_hplink">via JKrowling.com</a>

  • JK Rowling


  • This tiny baby would never live to see 1984, but he sure thought about it a lot. IMAGE <a href="http://georgeorwellnovels.com/reference/birth-of-george-orwell-on-25-june-1903/" target="_hplink">via georgeorwellnovels.com</a>

  • George Orwell

    Yes, that's right, it's George Orwell! IMAGE: PA

  • This handsome devil went on to famously tour America, spending a lot of time On The Road. IMAGE <a href="http://documentaries.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/LBPicture-Jack.jpg http://documentaries.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/LBPicture-Jack.jpg http://documentaries.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/LBPicture-Jack.jpg http://documentaries.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/LBPicture-Jack.jpg" target="_hplink">documentaries.org</a>

  • Jack Kerouac

    Of course, it's Jack Kerouac. IMAGE: PA

  • He looks like butter wouldn't melt, but this boy went on to write one of the most controversial love stories in history. IMAGE: Wikipedia

  • D.H Lawrence

    Here he is, a little older, with a few more court cases under his belt.

  • He may look like a country bumpkin here, but this young writer would grow to create the most lavish parties ever, hosted by the enigmatic Gatsby. IMAGE <a href="http://scottandzeldafitzgerald.tumblr.com/post/14949594420/moonlight-driive-fsf-as-a-child"_hplink">via http://scottandzeldafitzgerald.tumblr.com/</a>

  • F Scott Fitzgerald

    Here he is looking suitably dapper

  • Who is this dashing soldier? Well after his time in the RAF this author invented the Twits, the Witches and the BFG. IMAGE <a href="http://www.bforbel.com/2011/09/fun-fact-fridays-roald-dahl-was-spy.html" target="_hplink">bforbel.com</a>

  • Roald Dahl

    Of course, it's the amazing Roald Dahl!