Comedian Russell Howard has spoken out against the "censorship" of comedy during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

He told Digital Spy: "I was quite upset really. There was no comedy on during the Olympics at all. None whatsoever.

"There's too much money in it. The powers that be didn't want people making jokes about the Olympics, it's too important apparently."

Talking about images from the Games he thought should have been made light of, the Good News host said: "That moment where all this incredible stuff was happening in the stadium and they just cut up and the Queen looked so bored s**tless. That was a brilliant comedy moment."

There were plenty more hilarious moments that could have qualified for perfect comedy material, evidenced by HuffPost UK Comedy's slideshow of Olympic fails below:

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  • The American Flag Falls Down

    Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave/O'er the... Ah. Oops.

  • US Rower Henrik Rummel Delights Us All

    Yes, he's the one <a href="" target="_hplink">second from left</a>.

  • Jeremy Hunt Drops A Clanger

    A moment worthy of Alan Partridge.

  • The Worst Game Of Badminton Ever

    We're sure there are videos of cats playing badminton better than this. *spends 10 hours on YouTube*

  • When Weightlifting Goes Wrong

    Spare a thought for poor Matthias Steiner of Germany...

  • really. Do.

  • Mass Bike Pile-Up

    The women's road race gets a bit tricky for a moment.

  • The North Korea-South Korea Flag Blunder

    Well, it's so easy to get the two mixed up, isn't it?

  • Who Says Sport And Media Don't Mix?

    The people covering the volleyball, that's who.

  • The Team GB Dressage Team Becomes Dutch

    Somewhere in a picture agency, someone gets in trouble.

  • Boris Johnson Dangling From A Zip Wire

    The "Olympics legacy" is, of course, <a href="" target="_hplink">this picture</a>. Whoops!

However, the caution did allow broadcasters to avoid any 'Frankie Boyle sagas' like Channel 4 had during the Paralympics.

Channel 4 was reportedly unhappy with the controversial comic's tweets about the Paralympics, for which they were the host broadcaster.

The comedian joked that the Saudi Arabian team at the competition were "mainly thieves", referring to how some criminals in their country have had their hands removed for stealing.

In another message, he said: "I'm going down to the blind football to shout that the referee's a deaf bastard."

Russell Howard defended Frankie Boyle, saying there were worse things than his comments in the world. Read more here...