Nicole Kidman: 'I Battled Depression Following My Split From Tom Cruise'

03/10/2012 12:40 | Updated 03 October 2012

Nicole Kidman has revealed she battled severe depression following the breakdown of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

The Oscar-winning actress married her Days Of Thunder co-star in 1990 when she was 23-years-old and they adopted two children together before splitting and divorcing in 2001.

nicole kidman

Now the actress - who is married to country star Keith Urban - has opened up about her battle with the mental illness.

nicole kidman keith urban

Nicole with her husband, Keith Urban

She also referred to her daughter Sunday as a 'miracle in my life' after she was born following years of trying.

"I had so much time thinking that wasn't going to happen in my life and trying to understand that," she said. "When it did happen - and for it to be a surprise - that was great. I had tried and failed and failed and failed.

Meanwhile, Nicole has admitted she didn't find it strange peeing on co-star Zac Efron's leg in their forthcoming movie, The Paperboy.

She was required to do the deed for real in a scene where Zac's character is stung by a jellyfish on the beach.

"The peeing thing, I didn't think was that weird, because I was in character," she told V magazine.


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