When you're rich and famous and don't have to be in the office at 9, the trappings of fame and the temptations that come with the territory prove to be too much for some celebs.

But who are the biggest caners in celebville? Step this way and all will be revealed...

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  • Kerry Katona

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> Cocaine, vodka and doner kebabs. But mostly cocaine, and mostly while locked in her bedroom with grotty ex-hubby Mark Croft. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Her angry, rambling and incoherent appearance on <em>This Morning </em>was one of the best anti-drugs adverts we've ever seen. And the newspaper sting that exposed her cocaine use ended up costing her an Iceland advertising deal worth millions. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> She's lost weight, shaped up and has made great efforts to salvage her public reputation. The jury's still out but we're impressed so far.

  • Britney Spears

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> There were so many rumours and reports about Britney's party habits, and so few of them were ever confirmed. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Britney's iconic meltdown in 2008 and subsequent head-shaving and rehab left us in no doubt that she had very serious problems. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> We can't see what's in her bathroom cabinet of course, but she's definitely a whole lot better than she was when this picture was taken in 2007, for example and seems pretty normal to us on the <em>X Factor USA</em> judging panel.

  • Robbie Williams

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> Back in the day it was dope, coke and Es - all washed down with lashings and lashings of booze - but after a stint in rehab he moved his addictions on to prescription drugs and Lucozade (no kidding). <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> He ended up an overweight and bearded recluse, obsessed with UFOs and frightened of human contact. <strong>Is he reformed?</strong> Well, he's always a bit intense and stary but now he's a dad, the Robster definitely seems to have settled down.

  • Sarah Harding

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> The Girls Aloud star appears to have been the life and soul of the party at several exclusive London "celeb hangouts" for most of the noughties. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Sarah ended up in rehab and then in an abusive relationship. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> She's calmed down, for sure, and all in time for the Girls Aloud reunion. Hurrah!

  • Nicole Richie

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> Nicole had a taste for the hard stuff when she was a younger woman - and seemed alarmingly happy to drive round LA while drunk or high. She also dated the late DJ AM for a few years - and he was known to be a bit of a caner. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> She got in trouble with the law on several occasions and - of course - ended up in rehab. <strong>Is she reformed?</strong> Nicole is settled down with hubby Joel Madden and two kids now, and seems to lead a much more sedate existence.

  • Mike Skinner

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> As the main man behind The Streets, Mike documented drug habits among the young in Britain - and clearly got a bit carried away with his research. Cocaine and booze seem to have been his favourites - but he also claimed to have smoked crack with a pop star the night before she was on kids' TV. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> He's admitted that his habits got out of control after the death of his father. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> We have no idea, to be quite honest. Perhaps you could drop us a line and let us know if you're reading this Mike?

  • Lindsay Lohan

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> Coke, booze, sleeping pills... Li-Lo seems to have enjoyed a bit of everything when she was living the party lifestyle. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Well her career has gone down the pan, she seems to have developed OCD and her name has become a byword for celebrity flakiness. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> Lindsay's making good progress (she's just wrapped filming on the Elizabeth Taylor biopic) but she's still getting in trouble with the law for traffic offences so we suspect it's going to be a lifelong struggle for somebody with her tendencies.

  • Lily Allen

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> Like father, like daughter - Lily seemed to be a bit of a chip off the old block - having had a similar appetite for partying as her dad Keith. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> She's not the type to end up in rehab, but she got sick of the London scene and moved out to the Cotswolds. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> Yes, she behaves much more maturely now - well, she's married and has a child, so it's not like she has the time or the inclination any more.

  • Liam and Noel Gallagher

    <strong>How did they like to roll?</strong> Cigarettes and alcohol obviously, but former Oasis stars Liam and Noel are also known to have been rather partial to cocaine and ecstasy. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> They're not the types to ever go into rehab, but we do wonder what effect all the substance abuse had on their fiery relationship and eventual parting of ways. <strong>Are they reformed now?</strong> Both are settled down and family men, but we doubt they spend their Sunday mornings at the garden centre - and they're STILL not talking to each other.

  • Kate Moss

    <strong>How does she like to party?</strong> Kate's leisure activities were the stuff of rumour and legend until someone flogged pictures of her allegedly snorting cocaine to the tabloids. There are plenty more salacious speculations about her too. <strong>What toll has it taken?</strong> She actually made MORE money after the coke scandal, because that's how screwed-up the fashion industry is. Whether the hard living has had any impact on her looks is a moot point, but she's always seemed remarkably self composed. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> She did undergo rehab and seems to have settled down with Jamie Hince, but we bet she still knows how to party when she needs to!

  • George Michael

    <strong>How does he like to party?</strong> With a big fat bifter in his hand while driving his Range Rover around London and allegedly necking pills. Among other ways. <strong>What toll has it taken?</strong> Well, we get the impression there may be a lot more to George's troubles than the stoned driving incidents and subsequent incarceration - although he's certainly paid the price there. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> We're not putting any money on him staying on the straight and narrow, but he does seem to have bucked his ideas up a bit since getting out of jail.

  • Fergie

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> You know that crystal meth stuff that we were warned was going to engulf the UK a decade or so ago, but that never really arrived? Well Fergie used to be addicted to that. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> She was a wretched drug addict, and may have done a wee in her trousers while on stage (Google it). <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> She certainly seems to be, and judging by the phenomenal success of the BEPs, we'd be very surprised if she had much spare time to go on week-long benders any more!

  • Courtney Love

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> She and hubby Kurt Cobain were keen drug users, getting hooked on heroin together - and after his death she developed a long-term relationship with the crack pipe. She even revealed that she slept with Kate Moss on one of her debauched evenings in. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Well she's hardly considered the most stable personality in celebland - and she's recently become a bit of a loose cannon on Twitter. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> Highly unlikely.

  • Charlie Sheen

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> If the reports are to be believed, Charlie liked to roll with a large stash of cocaine - which he preferred to smoke rather than snort - and a gaggle of porn stars. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Well he lost his teeth, his job has been suspended and he's no stranger to the US court system. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> It's way too early to tell, but it certainly sounds like he hit rock bottom, so let's hope the only way is up for Charlie.

  • Elton John

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> With marijuana, whisky and lots and lots of cocaine - for three days at a time - and possibly with a veritable who's who of showbiz and society types as well. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Elton ended up bulimic and having seizures, but still took more coke. And this was for most of the 1970s and 1980s. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> Yep, he got clean in 1990 and now gets his buzz from collecting photography and telling other celebs to clean up their acts.

  • Ozzy Osbourne

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> It would be easier to list the substances Ozzy didn't take when he was partying hard, if there were any. He was even famously reported to have snorted a line of ants in a bizarre game with Motley Crue. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Years of hard drinking and harder drugs have left Ozzy very obviously damaged - and he has revealed that he will have to take medication for the rest of his life. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> Absolutely. He's as sober as a judge, if not quite as steady.

  • Pete Doherty

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> Crack cocaine and heroin were Pete's two main poisons - and when high he liked painting in his own blood and doing unmentionable things with <em>Big Brother</em>'s Nikki Grahame. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Pete's drug habits have only really affected his relationships, his looks, his talent, his bank balance and given him a reputation as the world's most notorious junkie. Other than that, not a lot. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> Nope, he's still regularly turning up in court on drugs and driving charges. We're not optimistic for him, to be honest.

  • Boy George

    <strong>How did he like to party?</strong> Back in the 1980s George liked to kick back with a large syringe of heroin, obviously not having seen that episode of Grange Hill where Zammo chases the dragon. Later on in his career he got more into taking cocaine and falsely imprisoning male escorts. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Aside from his severe heroin addiction and his not inconsiderable criminal record, George has also gained a reputation for being prickly and bitchy. <strong>Is he reformed now?</strong> We doubt George O'Dowd will ever be completely straight (pun intended), but he does seem to have stayed out of trouble for a while.

  • Tara Palmer Tomkinson

    <strong>How did she like to party?</strong> The it girl-turned-TV presenter stuck about £400 worth of cocaine up her nose each day at the height of her addiction to the drug. <strong>What toll did it take?</strong> Her septum (the bit between the nostrils) collapsed in 2006, giving her a £6k plastic surgery bill to get it fixed. She also made a bit of a fanny of herself on telly once or twice. <strong>Is she reformed now?</strong> She went to rehab in 1999 and while she has been spotted behaving erratically from time to time since then, she seems to be on a more even keel. 'Seems'.