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Gary Lineker Mocks Praying Muslim Footballers For 'Eating Grass' On Al Jazeera TV (VIDEO)

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Gary Lineker made inappropriate comments about two Muslim football players | Getty Images

Gary Lineker accidentally caused uproar on Al Jazeera TV after describing the actions of two Muslim players, who had adopted the traditional Islamic prayer position, as "eating grass".

During Wednesday night’s Champions League game between Schalke and Montpellier, Lineker discussed Karim Ait-Fana's first goal for the French side, saying: "A terrific effort from Karim Ait-Fana, who scored from just outside the area and then ate grass ... as you do."

Ait-Fana, with teammate Younes Belhanda, adopted the Sajda, with their foreheads pressed on the ground.

The BBC pundit took to Twitter to apologise for the remark, but said he could not be expected to know the religion of each player.

Gary Lineker
I'm sorry but I'm not aware of every player's religion.

Gary Lineker
I thought it was a goal celeb and had no idea it had religious connotations. Absolutely no offence intended. Apologies


Montpellier's Karim Ait-Fana, left, scores the opening goal against Schalke

It prompted an angry reaction from some followers on Twitter:

Kaltun Abdillahi
DONT ASSUME, or even try to make jokes of something you dont Understand,thats my advice for you! :O

I'm off to the mosque for Friday prayers shortly. Or 'eating grass' as Gary Lineker likes to call it.

Just seen the Gary Lineker comment about eating grass. Lineker is just ridiculously stupid. Pure bloody ignorantly stupid.

Imam Ajmal Masroor told "It's a stupid remark and sheer ignorance. This is very unprofessional from a football legend who is supposed to be a role model.

"The fact it was on Al Jazeera makes it even more unacceptable. The players are not asking anyone else to join in their worship they are making a gesture in thanks to God - saying they are 'eating grass' is outrageous.

"I am stunned - seeing this makes me sick.

"He should apologise or be sacked by Al Jazeera. If someone makes the gesture of the cross and a commentator mocked them I would deem that equally offensive.

"It's not an outsider's right to belittle or mock players for making a religious gesture."

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