Now, here's a must-watch for any fans of a) Jon Stewart and/or b) American politics.

The host of The Daily Show came face-to-face with his right-wing rival Bill O'Reilly for a 90-minute, presidential-style debate - entitled 'The Rumble In The Air-Conditioned Auditorium' - and you can watch the result, above. (Or alternatively download the video here for $4.95 - half of the net profit goes to charity.)

You do, of course, have to endure the often ridiculous arguments of Mr O'Reilly - but it's worth it, not just because it's a pretty fascinating (and rare) sparring match between two Americans with different political ideologies, but also because Stewart is, of course, highly amusing. As is his hydraulic platform.

It's also worth fast-forwarding to around 1 hour 9 minutes in - by which time the 'candidates' are seated on chairs at the front and answering quickfire questions from the audience - when O'Reilly has a pop at our beloved NHS. As he and Stewart debate healthcare, the O'Reilly Factor host brings up the systems in Canada and the UK. "In Britain, everybody's teeth have fallen out," he claims, reasonably. "I lived in England for a year, I know what the system is. The government can't do it". Hats off to Jon Stewart for his response: "No one in those places goes broke because they have a medical condition."

Nice work, fellas. Now all America has to do is repeat this process with not two but four people with opposing views, show it every week, and call it Question Time. We think Chris Matthews would make a fine David Dimbleby stand-in.

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