Amanda Holden: 'The Last Three Years Were Hellish... But Now I Feel Amazing'

10/10/2012 11:24

It's fair to say that Amanda Holden has had a bit of a time of it over the last few years and the Britain's Got Talent judge says it is only now that she's been able to really come to terms with what she's been through.

In the last three years the TV star suffered a miscarriage, gave birth to a stillborn son at seven months and stared death in the face during the traumatic birth of her daughter, Hollie Rose.

amanda holden

Her latest addition was delivered by an emergency caesarean section after Amanda developed serious complications during the birth.

But the 41-year-old has revealed she is now happier than ever after her 'hellish' few years.

“I don’t know why, but it wasn’t until I got to America this summer that I became very reflective and looked back. I was on the beach one day and I said to my husband Chris: ‘How did we get through all that?’ It was hellish'."

“Now we’re coming into this brilliant, happy phase and I feel amazing. But unless you face the darkness, you can’t see the light.

amanda holden

Amanda with her baby daughter, Hollie

“Hollie was kind of ready in the queue – she knew she was coming. I just had to be a bit patient."

And after all of the stress she's been through we're not surprised to hear Amanda is styressing out about dieting after having Hollie.

"I never diet but I think my diet is probably healthy. I'd love to say that I've started running properly again, I do love running as it's the one hour of the day that I get to myself, but I haven't even gone running.

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