Kim Kardashian Nude: The Reality Star's Most Naked Pics (PHOTOS)

11/10/2012 16:30 | Updated 07 July 2015
Instagram/Splash News/Paper

Kim Kardashian's never afraid of stripping off a layer or two, be it for a day at the beach, racy photoshoot, or quick snap that she'll eventually share on Instagram.

The body-confident star loves giving fans a glimpse at her A-list lifestyle, and isn't afraid of showing that all those hours in the gym produce amazing results.

Well they do say if you've got it, flaunt it and Kim's definitely got it, so in honour of her services to showing there's no need to hide behind umm, clothes, here are our top 45 (almost) naked Kim Kardashian pics of the reality TV star.

Enjoy! (but maybe not while you're at work).

Kim Kardashian's Most Naked Moments

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