Spaghetti Vs Sleep: Cute Twins Face Difficult Choice (VIDEO)

11/10/2012 13:53 BST

Now, we like spaghetti. And we like sleep. But which is better?

To put this very important question to the test, we'd like to refer you to this video, posted by YouTuber Johanne Stetka. After an eventful day playing on the beach, Johanne's 22-month-old twins, AJ and MJ, were faced with choosing between pasta or snoozing.

As you'll see, AJ-or-MJ on the left is fighting a losing battle from the beginning. But AJ-or-MJ on the right puts up a sterling fight right until the end. But he eventually ends up unconscious and covered in spaghetti. Hey, we've all been there. As have these kids...