Now, we like spaghetti. And we like sleep. But which is better?

To put this very important question to the test, we'd like to refer you to this video, posted by YouTuber Johanne Stetka. After an eventful day playing on the beach, Johanne's 22-month-old twins, AJ and MJ, were faced with choosing between pasta or snoozing.

As you'll see, AJ-or-MJ on the left is fighting a losing battle from the beginning. But AJ-or-MJ on the right puts up a sterling fight right until the end. But he eventually ends up unconscious and covered in spaghetti. Hey, we've all been there. As have these kids...

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  • Ice Cream

    We don't blame him. Those car seats are practically built for kids to fall asleep in.

  • Carrots


  • Corn On The Cob

    For advanced sleep eaters only.

  • Chocolate Cake

    You can almost see REM start to kick in.

  • Ice Cream 2

    If you can't keep your eyes open, just put the ice cream cone near your mouth and the rest will work itself out.

  • Pizza

    You can sleep any day, but pizza night only comes once a week.

  • Cheetos

    Sometimes, you just have to give in to the urge to sleep, even if there are some Cheetos left.

  • French Fries

    Sometimes you need an assist from mom for the French fries.

  • Brownie

    This wooden chair is surprisingly comfortable.

  • Toast

    Just going to shove the bread near his face and hope for the best.

  • Candy

    Could have called this one a mile away.

  • Ice Cream 3

    The conclusion of the sleep eating ice cream trilogy.

  • Bojangles'

    Gotta finish that whole box before dozing off.