Tulisa Contostavlos may be about to unveil her own fashion range for Bank entitled TFB, but the 'X Factor' judge hasn't always been quite the style icon.

The N-Dubz singer is set to launch her debut range at Westfield shopping centre in London today, where no doubt she will be styled to perfection by her team.

But will the range designed by the star include any of her old looks?

Since finding fame with Dappy and Fazer back in 2008, there's been tracksuits borrowed from Vicky Pollard to diamante encrusted items straight from the back of Katie Price's wardrobe, not to mention THAT flamingo dress she wore to the NTAs earlier this year.

While she's now looking much more polished and preened as she goes head-to-head with Nicole Scherzinger in the 'X Factor' style wars every Saturday night, we look back over some of her less well chosen looks...

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  • Tulisa love, you appear to have made a dress out of the contents of our Nana's 'special occasion' wrapping paper drawer.

  • Tulisa shows off the latest hair trend... for drag queens.

  • Believe it or not, this isn't one of the cast members of the film 'Kidulthood'.

  • Where Tulisa's from this is considered tres chic, innit.

  • Words actually fail us.

  • Tulisa once proudly proclaimed she bought her clothes from "Matalan, brrrrap!". Yep, we can tell.

  • If Jane Norman was still open, we reckon they would've snapped Tulisa up to be the face of the brand.

  • No, Tulisa hasn't been tarred and feathered, she actually chose to wear this.

  • Looks like Tulisa got carried away playing around in Katie Price's dressing up box.

  • Even X Factor judges are prone to a spot of the dreaded camel toe.

  • We didn't realise Tulisa was in 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'.

  • Tulisa, Vicky Pollard's been on the phone and she's asked for her look back.

  • All she needs is a couple of parrots hanging from those earrings and this outfit would be complete. Completely awful.

  • The Croydon facelift look is still a favourite of Tulisa's, despite leaving dreadful clothes like this behind.

  • You <em>should</em> look ashamed, love.

  • Someone should really tell her it's dark outside so she can lose the diamante encrusted sunglasses.

  • Taking tan advice from the cast of 'TOWIE' is never a good idea.

  • Thank goodness she has a stylist these days. Now at least she has someone to blame for get-ups like this.


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