X Factor's Rylan Clark Hides His Face After All Night Bender With Lucy Spraggan (PICS)

16/10/2012 10:45

Rylan Clark isn't exactly what we'd call the shy and retiring type but the 'X Factor' hopeful looked just that last night as he arrived back at his hotel covering his face up with his hoodie.

In fact the only real giveaway that it was actually him were the camp-as-a-pink-row-of-tents silver Uggs he was wearing on his feet.

rylan clark

Mind you, we're not really surprised he's hiding his face - we would be too if our drunken Saturday night antics ended up splashed across the red tops.

Rylan looked like he'd enjoyed one too many sherries on Saturday night when he was papped getting up to all sorts of trouble with fellow 'X Factor' hopeful Lucy Spraggon.

rylan clark

Yep, we'd be covering our face too.

Rylan Clark

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