Irish twins Jedward have covered Adele's bold and brassy 'Skyfall' soundtrack and posted their attempt online.

The smart duo published their acoustic version on the same day as the 23rd 'James Bond' film had its royal world premiere in London.

They seem to be taking themselves rather seriously these days with their guitar, moody stares and model-style images - but their singing is still distinctly average.

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The terrible twosome first won our hearts/irritated the hell out of us back in 2009, when aged just 17, they auditioned for 'The X Factor'. Last week they celebrated their 21st birthdays and this is their present to us all.

Take a listen to their 'Skyfall' cover above and let us know if they've made a huge mistake in the comments below.

And here's the original sung by Adele:

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  • John: "We know what look is cool and we have to be cool for our fans and have the right attitude and look like pop stars. We're not the kind of people where it's all about us. It's about everybody around us."

  • Edward: "There's these little girls who are, like, under 12! And I'm like 'Why do you want to marry me?! You should be looking at Dora!'"

  • Edward: "L'Oreal, if you're watching this, I'm worth it too."

  • John: "Me and Edward are such players in our outfits. Only joking, we don't play with girls ever. We're cool guys."

  • Edward: "Once I was like 'Look, John, that's you on TV!' Then I realised... it was me..."

  • John: "When they were going 'booooo' they could have been going 'woooo' "

  • John: "Justin Timberlake would play me when I'm older and Britney Spears when I'm younger, because she kind of looks like us."

  • Edward: "Stop picking your nose, or else your nose is gonna be like, pregnant."

  • Edward: "The weird thing about Christmas is that you go to your dogs and say, "It's Christmas!" and they don't even know the difference. They think it's any other day, even though you've given them Christmas cards."

  • Edward: "I never ever wear t shirts, I always wear shirts and ties so our fans are going to be really really excited about seeing my neck. They'll be like 'Oh my god, look at Edward's neck!' and I'll be like 'Yo, check it out.'"

  • Edward: "If I had a girlfriend I'd bring her back to my hotel room to watch dvds and.... what else can u do in a hotel room?"

  • John: "I thought a feminist was, like, people who think, like, that woman are, like, I don't know, like, think that woman are... the women or girl is better than a guy?"

  • Edward: "Fashion is our big passion and our collection will look hot on the catwalk."

  • John: "It's not called The Singing Factor, it's called The X Factor. X could mean anything. We never do what's expected of us. If everyone thinks John and Edward are weird, it's because we don't follow the crowd."

  • Edward: "Basically we’re doing Eurovision because we don’t like going on holidays where people don’t recognize us. So now we wanna conquer the whole world so people can recognize us in every single country. But people do still recognize us, but we want it so we won’t be able to go anywhere."

  • Edward: "Our favourite thing about Eurovision is... we get to use foreign toilets."

  • Interviewer: What will happen when the two of you get married, will you see each other as much? "We cant get married because we're brothers."

  • John: "The only people, ok, who don't know who me and Edward are, ok, are all the new babies who've been born."

  • John: "I think I’m going to do what Robbie Williams did and become solo, and take over the world. But don’t tell the other members of Take This, they don’t know yet."

  • John: "No, we don’t have pet names for each other, I call Edward ‘Ed-erd’."

  • EDWARD '“Okay, guys. We’re in London. If you don’t know, it’s in the city of... erm... England.”