Calum Best Is the Latest Celeb To Have A Hair Transplant (PIC)

26/10/2012 15:11

Honestly, you wait all week for a celebrity hair transplant story to come along and then two come along at once.


Yesterday we brought you pictures of Alistair McGowan's new head of hair and now Z-lister extraordinaire and 'ladies man' Calum Best is sporting a thicker thatch.

calum best

Calum now has 1850 extra hairs on his head

Calum had almost 2000 individual hairs transplanted into his bonce by the fabulously named Dr Shahmalak at Manchester's Crown Clinic (geddit?) and he's ever so pleased with the results.

calum best

Calum before the op

“I am so pleased I had it done," he said. "I was fed up losing my hair and wanted to look good.

“You only have to see how much better people like Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and Gordon Ramsay look after having similar operations.”

Ahem. We'll take your word for it Cal.


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