Halloween Films: The Scariest Classic Horror Movie Creatures

29/10/2012 15:36

Halloween is the time to dig out the scariest films lurking in your attic and frighten yourselves with tales of vampires, ghouls, zombies and monsters.

Fans of the supernatural have now voted for their favourite vintage monsters and Frankenstein has come out on top.

In a poll by SFX magazine, the creation - popularly portrayed with scars, a flat head and a bolt through his neck - drew almost a third of the votes, leaving Dracula in second spot.

Frankenstein, a character who first appeared in the horror novel by Mary Shelley, has featured in TV and film adaptations more than 27 times, the first being in 1910.

Fans were given a choice of vintage monsters, which feature in a new Blu-ray collection of horror classics entitled 'Universal Monsters: The Essential Collection'.

See which other creatures made the cut in the slideshow below...

And if you're still not sure what to dress up as for Halloween click here for some of the finest examples of horrifying costumes from Hollywood.

Horror movie creatures
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