Phillip Schofield Gets A Twitter Roasting After Eating A Guinea Pig In Peru

05/11/2012 11:40

Long before Fern Britton or Holly Willoughby, Phillip Schofield had a furry little TV partner called Gordon The Gopher (remember him?).

But it appears Pip's love of rodents now extends to eating them after the 'This Morning' host tucked into a guinea pig during a trip to Peru.

phillip schofield guinea pig

Phillip tweeted this picture of a roasted guinea pig

Phillip faced a Twitter backlash when he tweeted a photo of the 'very tasty' roasted creature, with many of his 1.95m followers branding him 'cruel'.

However, the presenter defended his dinnertime choice as guinea pigs are a major part of Peruvians' diet, and blasted the 'food nazis' who were berating him on the social networking site.

Asked if he would eat dog or cat in China, he said: “Why not? I like to try what the locals eat. #bloodyhatefoodnazis.”

phillip schofield gordon the gopher

Phillip with his old TV chum Gordon The Gopher

Phillip, who also revealed he had eaten alpaca on his trip with wife Steph around South America, described the meat as 'a bit more 'gamier' than rabbit. Meat lovely, skin not so much'.

Let's just hope he doesn't start eating his other former TV sidekicks, otherwise Fern could be in trouble...

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