Sexist Four-Boobed Woman Sony Playstation Advert Sparks Controversy (PICTURE)

05/11/2012 12:35 | Updated 05 November 2012

You can almost hear the sexist cogs turn in the advertising brainstorm for Sony's Playstation Vita as they came up with the four-breasted woman and the titillating slogan: "Two touch screens. Twice the sensation."

"OK...So...The Playstation Vita is double sided. And we're advertising mainly to guys right?

"Err...Guys like tits...

"So how about we get a picture of a woman with tits on both sides. So she's like the console...

"Yeah, guys will like that."

*slow claps*

So they aren't silly enough to roll this advert out, apparently. Hurrah for that.

This was confirmed when a spokesperson for Sony told The Sun: "This advert is not creative that we are (or would) consider running in the UK.”

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