'X Factor': Union J Star Jaymi Hensley Performs At Gran Canaria Gay Pride Before He Was Famous (VIDEO)

15/11/2012 12:42

We do love unearthing embarrassing old photos and videos of celebs before they were famous here at HuffPost Celeb and we've got a corker for you today, although we doubt we'll be getting a thank you card from 'X Factor' hopeful Jaymi Hensley of Union J after he sees this.

Before he entered the singing competition as part of the boyband, Jaymi was earning his crust as a solo artist singing at events up and down the country. He even got to fly off to glamorous locations abroad occasionally. And Gran Canaria.

Oh the glamour.

union j

Jaymi (far right) and his Union J bandmates

We're guessing Adam Rickett was busy washing his hair/working on his abs during the 2010 Maspalomas Pride celebrations, but luckily Jaymie was free to belt out his biggest/only hit 'Breathe Again' for the adoring crowd. He did Kings of Leon too. Ooooh, versatile.

Click the video above to watch a pre-fame Jaymi in action...

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