Justin Bieber Talks Selena Gomez To Oprah Winfrey (VIDEO)

20/11/2012 12:36

Things looked very much back ON between Justin Bieber and his on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez at this week's American Music Awards when the young pups were spotted holding hands after the show.

And it seems the Biebs is keen to be seen with his girlfriend as often as possible. In a new interview with Oprah Winfrey the teen star says that he doesn't want to hide Selena away because he's not 'ashamed' of her.

"Sometimes we gotta take the back exits but I never make her separate from me because I don't ever want her to feel that I'm ashamed of her," he told Oprah.

"I feel a lot of guys do that, especially in the business - they don't want to be seen with the girl so will make them ride in separate cars and do all that 'get away' stuff.

"When we get away, we're getting away together."

Watch the full video above which also sees Justin do a spot of shopping with Oprah...

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