Amy Winehouse Invited Homeless Girl To Live With Her For Six Months

22/11/2012 08:33

Amy Winehouse once invited a young homeless woman to live with her in her London home.

According to her father, Mitch, the late star took in the young runaway for six months after she had been living on the streets of the capital.

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse

He recalls: "I laugh about it now, because there was a young lady who lived with Amy for six months. I never really figured out who she was. I said, 'Who's this young girl who's walking around?' She said, 'She's a homeless girl and I'm looking after her.'"

Mitch now runs the Amy Winehouse Foundation, which aims to help disadvantaged and homeless young people, and is convinced his late daughter would be proud of the charity started up in her memory.

"What we're doing now is really just carrying on what she was doing before," he added. "There's so many charitable things that she did that really are a surprise to us now. We're still finding out about it, it's lovely... Amy would have loved it."

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