'Emmerdale' star Dominic Power's alter-ego Cameron Murray will apparently head to his dark side once again this Christmas.

The murderer is set to strike again during the festive season, this time killing off "a popular resident", whose death will "send shockwaves" through the village, reported the Daily Star.

"The resident in question doesn't stand a chance. Cameron pulls out all the stops to make sure the victim never spills the beans," a show insider told the paper.

dominic power

Dominic Power as Cameron Murray

After killing Carl King (Tom Lister) in October's live episode, Cameron - whose on-off lover Chas is awaiting trial for the murder - accidentally spills the beans about his deadly secret to one of his neighbours.

The trainee mechanic then apparently realises he has to silence them and in a vile twist, will kidnap and hold his victim hostage in a secret location for a few days before ending their life.

The source teased that Cameron's troubled conscience could bring a confession: "How long can Cameron keep his poker face?"

Another source told Digital Spy: "The village certainly seems to be becoming a dangerous place to live with Cameron around. He took the life of one of the show's biggest characters when he killed Carl and now he'll claim a second victim.

"But who will it be, and will he get away with it this time?"

The deadly Emmerdale storyline follows BBC rival 'EastEnders', who has confirmed that Walford bad boy Derek Branning will be killed off in a mystery whodunnit.

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