Katie Price As You've Never Seen Her Before In Arty Photoshoot For Ponystep Magazine (PICS)

04/12/2012 15:47

Katie Price has done PLENTY of photoshoots in her time, but we have never seen her like this before.

Pricey has gone all fashiony and sophisticated in a new spread for Ponystep magazine.

katie price

In fact, we reckon there is a touch of the Gaga about Katie as she dons a massive satellite style hat in the arty black and white shots.

The former glamour model was even willing to pose with minimal make-up. Never underestimate the Pricey, etc, etc.

katie price

Of her new look, Katie told the mag: "I know for a fact when I do a fashion magazine they're going to make me look like - not me.

"If I do a shoot that's about me and my clothing or something, it's me, I'm the product. But with fashion, they make you look completely different," she said.

Don't know about that, Katie - we'd recognise that pout anywhere.

Read the full article in Ponystep magazine, on sale now.


Katie Price photocalls in pictures

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