Good on the cast of the 'The Only Way Is Essex' for putting on a live episode last night. No, seriously. The stars who lack any discernible acting or performance skills put on a gala show like no other, all in the aid of charity.

They put aside any egos they might have acquired from too much time on red carpets and D-list celebrity bashes and laid themselves bare, all for Breast Cancer Care.

The unfortunate side-effect of letting their structured reality show go live without enough time to practise their lines, rehearse their performances, or learn how to act, however, was that they were left looking more stupid and less talented than ever before. Who'd have thought it was possible?


Barbie Girls: Lauren Pope, Chloe Sims, Frankie Essex after TOWIE live

Of course, the blame really lies on the show's producers for creating possibly the worst TV show ever to grace digital TV screens.

From an audible "Go" from the wings, cutting to awful on-stage performances mid-conversation just as we were starting to care about what the cast were saying, it really was a travesty. A travesty of the best kind - who doesn't love being shocked and entertained by how simply awful something can be?

Viewers took to Twitter to express their utter disdain at TOWIE Live, but it was all good-natured. How can you hate a cast who allow themselves to be ridiculed in such a way?

My highest regards go to Chloe Sims and Diags for their performance of 'Barbie Girl'. It was truly something. They achieved, sober and live on national TV, what most people wouldn't attempt unless off their face in a cheap karoake bar in Majorca.

Read just some of the reactions to TOWIE live below...

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  • Laura Woodhouse

    After #towielive last night and how shocking it was. I've decided to unfollowed all the cast. Apart from Joey, couldn't do it to him.

  • Dayna Lewis

    It is actually painful watching TOWIE live. This is so scripted and they cannot act. It's just awful. #TOWIElive

  • Jade Button

    Hiding behind my pillow watching #TOWIELive 🙈

  • Dora Boom

    So, Arg is the only one taking this seriously? #awks #TOWIELive

  • hannahspraytana

    #TOWIELive ouch! It's painful to watch

  • Emily Welch-Davison

    Bit late but #TOWIELIVE oh guys what happened?! #sticktoyourdayjobs

  • Hannah Lunn

    #TowieLive is like an awful pantomime

  • Kayleigh Roberts

    RT @JamieSBoyle: Really wish #towielive had taken a leaf out of Corries book and just dropped a tram on them all.

  • Christina Sharples

    Still can't get over how awful #towielive was last night. 45 minutes of my life I'll never get back

  • Elaine Reed

    RT @LanaWilliamson: #TOWIELive Like buying a knock off item from Primark. Can't enjoy it properly cause it's so painfully fake

  • Lewis Nicholls

    I was abit disappointed with #TowieLive last night was not that good. Some pauses when cast didn't know when to talk, just felt so fake 2 me

  • Vicky Pollard

    #TOWIELive i haven't seen a performance this bad since Tulisa's BJ tape

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