Cheryl Cole 'Owes Former Bodyguard £70K'

17/12/2012 11:59

It's no wonder Cheryl Cole is is trying to sue her former 'X Factor USA' bosses - it looks like she needs the cash to pay her former bodyguard.

Craig Balkam, who looked after Cheryl during her ill-fated time on the talent show, has spoken out against the star and claimed she hasn't 'paid him a cent' for his work.

The Girls Aloud singer reportedly owes Craig £70,000 and now he has threatened to sue her.
cheryl cole

A friend added: “Craig would have taken a bullet for that girl. He can’t believe what’s happened.”

Cheryl recently announced she was seeking £1.4 million from 'X Factor USA' bosses following her axing, for the amount she would have earned if she had appeared on the second season of the show.

“She was publicly embarrassed by Simon and thinks the least he can do is make sure she is given what she was promised to come on board.

"She is using will.i.Am’s legal team to launch proceedings ­because she trusts his judgement. It was a big decision for Cheryl to make. After this, there is no way for her and Simon to work ­together again. She is burning all bridges.”

Guess that means she won't be returning to our version of 'The X Factor' then...

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