Leandro Penna Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault During Alleged Altercation At His Home

17/12/2012 14:40

When Katie Price tweeted on Monday morning that someone's 'true colours were being shown' after they were arrested, we wondered who on earth had got themselves into trouble with the law.

It has since emerged that it was her ex-fiancé Leandro Penna.

leandro penna katie price

Leandro with his ex, Katie Price

The Argentinean model was taken into custody following an alleged altercation at his house in the wee small hours of this morning.

Police were called to his east London home at 5am after a man claimed he had been assaulted.

A spokesperson for the star said in a statement: "We can confirm that Leandro Penna was arrested in the early hours of this morning near his central London home.

"Leo was detained following an apparent altercation with another male at his London home.

"It is our limited understanding that following a gathering at Leandro's home, guests were asked to leave at around 5am, it is then the alleged incident is said to have taken place."

After the altercation, his ex Katie Price tweeted:

He had been partying earlier in the evening at's I.AM+ foto.sosho Launch Party at One Marylebone along with Tom Daley who has been coaching him as part of new diving show 'Splash!'.

leandro penna

Katie Price photocalls in pictures

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