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Dina Manfredini, World's Oldest Person, Dies Aged 115 In Iowa

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Dina Manfredini, the world's oldest person, has died aged 115, less than two weeks after inheriting the title.

The Italian-American after a fever, according to her granddaughter Lori Logli.

She had gained the title of world's oldest person from Bessie Cooper, of Georgia, who lived to 116, 13 days ago.


Dina Manfredini, the oldest woman in the world, has died

Manfredini, was an Iowa resident, born in 1897, and had immigrated to America from Italy in 1920.

She cleaned houses until the age of 90.

According to her family, she put her long life down to "hard work and everything in moderation."

The Guinness Book of World Records she was the oldest ever Italian person.

According to Patch, Jiroemon Kimura is now the oldest person in the world at 115 years and 239 days.

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